Vehicle Damage Reporting Instructions:  Vehicle damage includes, but is not limited to; scratches, hail, bent rims, hit and run, and deer incidents. Report vehicle damage to

Vehicle Accident Reporting Instructions: Do not contact the insurance company. Call 636-456-4506 then press 1 – wait, then press 1 and someone will assist you.

What to do: Complete the What To Do In Case Of Accident form in your blue auto document folder. Then type your answers into the form below, which will notify Righteous Rides of all information regarding the accident. Fill in the information pertinent to your incident / accident. If your incident / accident did not involve another vehicle, then you do not need to fill in boxes related to another vehicle. 

Please send pictures of your vehicle and all four sides of any vehicles involved to

Vehicle Damage or Vehicle Accident: Righteous Rides requires vehicle users to pay up to $1,000 for actual incurred expenses due to damage or an accident that occurs during the vehicle user’s possession of the vehicle.

Vehicle Damage / Vehicle Accident Form

Last Revised: 040220