Who can drive my Righteous Rides vehicle?

All drivers must be cleared and authorized for liability purposes. No one else can drive the vehicle. If you need to add a new driver, please email and request an additional driver.

Who do I contact with questions? 

For general questions, call our office at 636-456-4506.

For damage and accident reporting call 636-358-5800. Or see our damage/accidents page.

For maintenance issues call 636-358-9403. Or see our maintenance page.

Can I return my van to another hub? 

Your vehicle must be returned to the hub that was agreed upon at the time of your confirmed reservation.

Does Righteous Rides provide AAA?

No. Righteous Rides provides insurance on each vehicle, but not AAA.

Can I drive outside of the United States?

The vehicle is NOT allowed to be driven in Mexico under any circumstances.

You will need to request a special insurance card if you plan on traveling to Canada. Send an email to to request a Canadian insurance card. Allow 2 weeks for processing. 

Can I have pets/animals in the vehicle? 

Righteous Rides desires to care for our vehicle users by maintaining clean and allergen-free vehicles. Thus, we are implementing the Missionary Care Pet Policy.

We love pets and understand that you may desire to transport a pet in the Righteous Rides van you are using. If this is the case, then you will need to be aware of, and complete, the following procedures:

    1. 1.  Vehicle USER will notify Righteous Rides that they are transporting a pet, for any amount of time, in the vehicle they are using.
    2. 2. Vehicle USER will receive a $250 non-refundable charge to their credit card account on file at the time Righteous Rides is notified.
    3. 3. The $250 non-refundable charge replaces any and all other cleaning fees.

Note: This policy and fee is not applicable for service animals (as defined by ADA guidelines) who are required in order to support an authorized driver or member of their immediate family.



Last Revised: 8/7/19