If at all possible, pay your toll at the toll gate.

If a toll fee is NOT paid at the toll gate, Righteous Rides will receive a toll bill and the bill will be handled as follows:

  • We will pay the toll bill from our office and send you a link to reimburse Righteous Rides for the toll fees.
  • A copy of the toll bill will be included with the email for your records.

Note: The toll authorities have up to two years to bill Righteous Rides. Therefore, even after the vehicle has been returned you could receive a toll bill charge.

If the Righteous Rides vehicle you are driving has a transponder unit in it, the toll bill charges will be deducted from the credit card or bank account, we have on file for you, when the vehicle is returned.


If you need immediate assistance regarding toll fees, please contact our Accounting Manager @ 636-456-4506, Ext. 1001

Last Revised: 052721