“…let us do good to all men, and especially to those who are of the household of the faith.” Galations 6:10

Maintenance Hotline (Bret): 636-358-9403,

Accident Reporting (Mark): 636-358-5800, 636-456-4506,  

General Information






Important Information

It is important that you read all of the information about maintenance, accidents, and payment on this page. Vital information regarding these topics can help you in the event of an emergency. It is also important that Righteous Rides has your correct contact information. If your contact information, cell phone numbers, permanent mailing address, or emergency contact information changes, it is your responsibility to make Righteous Rides aware of the new information.

Missionary Friends

It is a joy to be able to provide you with hassle-free, cost-effective, and reliable transportation! We would appreciate you caring for your vehicle in such a way that other missionaries will enjoy the use of it in the future. Please know that the Righteous Rides team of volunteers will be praying for you in your travels!

Office Contact Information

Office: 636-456-4506

Street Address: 1440 East Veterans Memorial Pkwy. Truesdale, MO 63380


Hours of Operation: Monday Through Friday 7:00am-4:00pm.

Other Contact Information

Maintenance Issues: Contact Bret Byus at 636-358-9403, 

(Please leave a message and wait 30 minutes for your call to be returned. If you do not hear back, call Ron Rearick at 636-358-0002, or email at

Car Accident Reporting: Contact Mark Reighard at 636-358-5800, 636-456-4506, 

(Please do not call insurance first.)

Scheduling/Changes in Reservations: Contact Sue Mitchell at 281-460-6436,

Usage/Toll Fees: Contact Dee Anne Rearick at 636-456-4506,

Reimbursements: Contact Brad Stewart at 636-358-5800,

Oil/Filter Changes And Repair Authorization

You DO NOT need authorization to get the oil/filter changed, or to use the Fleet Maintenance Package with Firestone. All other repairs must be authorized by Bret Byus in order to receive reimbursement.

Follow these steps for oil/filter changes:

1) Take your vehicle to any Firestone or TiresPlus store.

2) Tell them the vehicle you are driving is under the Firestone Fleetcare National Account.

3) Tell them you would like to have the oil and filter changed and the Fleet Maintenance Package.

4) Give them the vehicle unit # (the last 4 digits of the VIN).

5) Give them your name and phone number if they request it.

6) Authorization IS NOT needed for oil and filter changes or fleet maintenance packages. If their system requests an authorization number they can “tab” over that line.

7) Authorization IS NEEDED for any expenses exceeding $52. Firestone and TiresPlus should be prompted to contact Bret Byus at 636-358-9403 for authorization.

NOTE: Maintenance issues will be evaluated by Righteous Rides maintenance staff, taking into consideration Firestone or TiresPlus maintenance recommendations. We may choose to defer repairs that will in no way compromise safe use of the vehicle. 

2001-2007 Chrysler/Dodge Minivan

– Change oil every 6,000 miles

– Oil change stickers are posted on the driver’s side of the windshield. A sticker with the Righteous Rides logo will represent the correct oil change interval.

– If a dealer writes mileage on the oil change sticker for anything other than 6,000 miles, change it to a 6,000 mile interval

2013 or Newer Chrysler/Dodge Minivan

– Change oil only when the change oil indicator light comes on, which is located on the dashboard

– Miles traveled between oil change intervals can range from 3,000 to 10,000 miles

– There is no need for an oil change sticker to be posted on the windshield

Tires, Electrical, And Fluids

Tires should be rotated with every oil change and are included in the Fleet Maintenance Package at Firestone. Check tire pressure frequently, maintain tire pressure at 36 psi. Look for and report any unusual wear or damage.

Check all lights and other electrical items for correct operation on a consistent basis.

It is your responsibility to monitor and maintain correct fluid levels. Fluids are essential in maintaining a well-running vehicle.

Checking Your Fluids:

Oil: Check bi-weekly, check oil level while the vehicle is on level ground before starting the engine. Add oil only when the level is at or below the ADD or MIN mark.

Coolant/Antifreeze: Maintain between “max” and “min” marks on the reservoir with engine cold. NOTE: A need to add coolant could indicate a problem that requires mechanical repair.

Windshield Washer Solvent: Add as needed.

Power Steering Fluid: Verify that it is in the “full” range.

Brake Fluid: Verify that it is between “add” and “full” marks.

Personal Repair And Deferred Maintenance

Personal Repair: If you or someone you know is interested in volunteering time and service to repair a Righteous Rides vehicle, please contact Bret Byus or Ron Rearick.

Deferred Maintenance Items: A deferred maintenance item is anything that does not interfere with the mechanical reliability or safety of the vehicle while you are using it. These items will be repaired or replaced at the discretion of Righteous Rides. If a maintenance item is deferred while you are using a Righteous Rides van, please make note of the maintenance item on the gold “Deferred Maintenance Item” sheet located in your auto document holder.

Payment And Reimbursement For Maintenance

Receipt Reimbursement Request: We will only accept the original receipt for reimbursement. No faxed, scanned, or photocopied receipts will be accepted. Reimbursements will only be made for authorized repairs (see repair authorization). Failure to receive authorization may result in expenses not being reimbursed. Please make a copy of all receipt(s) for your records. Reimbursements will be processed the last week of the month in which the receipt is received.

Mail original receipts to:

Righteous Rides. 1440 East Veterans Memorial Pkwy. Truesdale, MO 63380

ATT: Bookkeeper

Routine maintenance items: These should initially be paid out-of-pocket. A reimbursement request should then be made.

Expensive maintenance items: In some cases, service providers will allow Righteous Rides to pay for repairs over the phone. If the repair(s) exceeds $200, it may be possible for Righteous Rides to coordinate payment directly by phone.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you request Righteous Rides to pay for a maintenance item over the phone, it is your responsibility to provide us with an original receipt for services rendered. It is important that you attach a note to the receipt stating that the maintenance items have already been paid for by Righteous Rides over the phone.

Information Regarding Accidents

In the case of an accident do not contact the insurance company. Complete the “What To Do In Case Of An Accident” form.

What To Do After An Accident Has Occurred:

1) Stop your vehicle at the scene of the accident or as close as possible without blocking traffic. Do not move the vehicle or leave the scene until authorized to do so by a law enforcement officer.

2) Assist the injured if aid is necessary or requested. Try to make the victim comfortable, but don’t move them unless absolutely necessary. Do not attempt first aid unless you are trained.

3) Warn traffic. Stationing someone at a safe spot to warn approaching traffic is a good idea. Use flares when they are available.

4) Notify the nearest law enforcement officer. Stay calm – give your precise location to the police and ask for whatever emergency equipment is needed.

5) Exchange information. Exchange required information with the other party as shown below.

6) Please take pictures of all 4 sides of other vehicle(s).

7) Cooperate. Do not argue with the other involved parties. The matter will be settled legally. Do not admit fault.

8) If the accident involves a parked vehicle or other property and you cannot locate the owner, leave your name and address and report the accident to the nearest law enforcement agency.

9) Contact Righteous Rides and report the accident.

Mark Reighard – 636-358-5800

Bret Byus – 636-358-9403

Office – 636-456-4506

After you have contacted us, accident information should be emailed to

Information You Record From Other Party:

Driver’s name, address, and phone number.

Name and address of owner of vehicle (if different).

Year, make, and license plate number of vehicle.

Insurance company name and policy number.

Name and address of broker or agent.

Name and address of passengers in the car.

Description of injuries, if any.

Information You Provide Other Party:                                                                                                           

Your name, address, and phone number.

Name and address of owner of your vehicle – Righteous Rides, 1440 E. Veterans Memorial Pkwy., Truesdale, MO 63380.

Year, make, and license plate number of your vehicle.

Your insurance company name and policy number.

Your agent or broker’s name and address.

Other Information To Record:

Date and time of accident.

Exact location of accident.

Name and address of witness(es).

Name of police agency.

Police report number.

Police officer name.

Your description of the accident.

Vehicle Damage:

Righteous Rides requires vehicle users to pay up to $1,000 for actual incurred expenses to repair damage that occurs during the vehicle user’s possession of the vehicle.

Vehicle damage includes but is not limited to, accidents, hail, bent rims, vandalism, falling objects, theft, hit and run, deer incidents, etc.                                                                                                                 

Returning The Van

Arrangements to return your vehicle should be made 6 weeks prior to your vehicle’s return date. The vehicle must be returned on or before the agreed upon return date.

Vehicles should be turned in clean, inside and out, and with a full tank of gas. GPS and DVD players issued with the vehicle should also be returned.

Your vehicle must be returned to the hub from which you received your vehicle.

Filling Out The Logbook

Mileage: Please track your mileage in the log book assigned to your van. You do not have to track daily mileage, but you do need to track long-distance mileage. We enjoy seeing where the vehicle has been.


11/20/2019 | Mustang, OK | 137,036

11/21/2019 | Ft. Worth, TX | 137,205

Any mileage in excess of 66 miles per day will incur a $0.10 per mile charge. Excess mileage charges are due in full on the vehicle return date.

Message: We hope you will use the log book to record the things God is doing as you travel. Here’s a fun example of what a previous missionary shared with us:

“6/24 For ICRS conferences with Christian editors we moved to Fairview Heights hotel which was cheaper, and shuttled to the convention center. However the van became an abode as the Ramada fire alarms went off at 1:30am and we were up all night outside. Kids watched some videos in van and sat in a fire truck too.”

Changing Contact Information

If you need to submit changes to your contact information, cell phone numbers, permanent mailing address, or emergency contact information, then you will send an email to Please include your full name and the information that you need changed.

Driver Of The Van

All drivers must be authorized prior to driving a Righteous Rides vehicle. This vehicle is for personal use by the users during their furlough/home assignment. The intended use is for fulfilling their commitments to visit donors and family members during this furlough period. It is not to be used for any other purpose, and will not be driven by anyone other than the users without express written consent of Righteous Rides.

If you would like to add a new authorized driver, contact our Van Program Director to request authorization for additional drivers. (Van Program Director is currently Ron Rearick at 636-358-0002).

Electronic Tollbooths

Many states are replacing traditional toll booths with electronic devices. Often, you may drive through a toll gate before even realizing there was a toll booth. The Tollway Authorities have up to two years to send notifications depending on the state. Since Righteous Rides owns the vehicle you are driving, the toll invoices are mailed to our main office in Missouri. The paperwork process can be burdensome.

Therefore, we are asking for you to help in the following ways:

1. If you are aware that you passed through a toll gate, please go online within the next week to pay your toll. You can look up your toll by entering the license number of the vehicle you are driving and pay with a credit or debit card.

2. If the bill is mailed to our office, we will send you a copy of the invoice by email, requesting payment and a copy of the payment receipt. Please do not ask the Tollway Authority to email us the receipt. It is helpful for you to email us the receipt or the confirmation number so that we can close out the file.

Getting Your Canadian Insurance

You will need to request a special insurance card if you plan on traveling to Canada. Send an email to to request a Canadian insurance card. Allow 2 weeks for processing. 

The vehicle is NOT allowed to be driven in Mexico under any circumstances.

Tow Trailers, Luggage Racks, And Tire Chains

Tow trailers of any kind are not permitted.

Storing items on a luggage rack is ONLY permitted on vehicles that already have a rack installed. Otherwise, no items are to be carried on the vehicle roof.

The use of tire chains on a Righteous Rides vehicle is not permitted. If road conditions merit the use of tire chains, please choose an alternate route or wait for the roads to be cleared.