How-To Videos!

CHANGE TIRE (2004-2007): How to Change a Tire on Dodge/Chrysler Minivan – Step by Step Video

CHANGE TIRE (2013 or Newer): How to Change a Tire on Dodge/Chrysler Minivan – Step by Step Video

CHECK TIRE PRESSURE: How to Check Tire Pressure Video 

CHECK FLUID LEVELS: How to Check Fluid Levels Video


Maintenance Information

24 Hour Maintenance Hotline: Call or text Bret Byus at 636-358-9403 or contact by email at If you are unable to reach Bret Byus within an hour call 636-358-0002.

Repair Authorization: You DO NOT need authorization to get the oil/filter changed, or to use the Fleet Maintenance Package with Firestone or TiresPlus. All other repairs must be authorized in order to receive reimbursement.

Deferred Maintenance Items: Fill out the orange Deferred Maintenance Item sheet in your blue auto document holder. You can also view and print the Deferred Maintenance Item sheet online.

Paying for maintenance: Routine maintenance done at Firestone or TirePlus will be billed directly to Righteous Rides with no out-of-pocket expenses incurred to the vehicle user.

Reimbursement for out-of-pocket maintenance expense: We will only accept a hard copy of the original receipt for reimbursement. These need to be mailed in to our headquarters. Reimbursements will only be made for authorized repairs, and will be processed the last week of the month in which the receipt is received.

Mail original receipts to: Righteous Rides. 1440 East Veterans Memorial Pkwy. Truesdale, MO 63380. ATT: Bookkeeper

Vehicle Fluids/Lights/Electrical Items/Tire Pressure

Fluids: It is your responsibility to monitor and maintain correct fluid levels. These include oil, coolant/antifreeze, windshield washer solvent, power steering fluid, and brake fluid.

Electrical: Check all lights and other electrical items for correct operation on a consistent basis.

Tires: Check tire pressure frequently, maintain tire pressure at 36 psi. Check for any unusual wear or damage.

2004 – 2007 vehicle when to change oil/filter/do tire rotation: Change oil every 6,000 miles. Tires should be rotated with every oil change. Oil change stickers are posted on the driver’s side. A sticker with the Righteous Rides logo will represent the correct oil change intervals. If a dealer writes mileage on the oil change sticker for anything other than 6,000 miles, change it to a 6,000-mile interval.

2013 or newer vehicle when to change oil/filter/do tire rotation: Change oil only when the change oil indicator light comes on, which is located on the dashboard. There is no need for an oil change sticker to be posted on the windshield. Tires should be rotated with every oil change. Miles traveled between oil change intervals can range from 3,000 to 10,000 miles.

Oil/Filter Change and Tire Rotation Instructions

  1. Take your vehicle to any Firestone or TiresPlus store.
  2. Tell them the vehicle you are driving is under the Firestone Fleetcare National Account under the name ‘Righteous Rides.’
  3. Tell them you would like to have the oil and filter changed and the Fleet Maintenance Package completed.
  4. Give them the vehicle unit # (the last 4 digits of the VIN).
  5. Give them your name and phone number if they request it.
  6. If their system requests an authorization number they can “tab” over that line.
  7. Authorization IS NEEDED for any expenses exceeding $52. Firestone and TiresPlus should be prompted to contact Bret Byus at 636-358-9403 for authorization.

Last Revised: 7/2/19