What’s happening in St. Louis? News from Headquarters

Thavuis, Keith, Fred, and Chuck work on an engine.

Meet Keith Kersting

Keith Kersting is the newest addition to the Righteous Rides team. Help us welcome him by checking out the Kersting family bio page on our website! Keith is in charge of monitoring fleet maintenance, selling donated vehicles, and ordering replacement parts for repairs. He is a self-confessed gearhead that likes hunting, fishing, and spending time at the dirt track. Keith said he is excited to be shop operations manager because, “It’s a blessing to serve. I can’t think of a better way to be living my life.” Keith is partnering with mechanics Fred Tuggy and Tim Crowe to keep the Gospel Gearhead Garage running. Fred enjoys being free to focus on fixing cars. He said, “It is such a relief for me to have [Keith].”

St. Louis Hub: Missionary Story

Next stop: Alaska. A missionary family from Chile was having trouble with the engine in their dark blue Righteous Rides van. They were worried because their next trip was to Alaska, where it would be a disaster for the van to break down. They called shop manager Keith Kersting and he was able to help them transfer to a different van to ensure their safety as they cruise by the grand mountain ranges of the Alaskan landscape.

Don’t forget about vehicle donation during this season. Righteous Rides takes all vehicles – cars, trucks, boats, & even RVs.  All donations are tax deductible.  Contact us today and we will pick up your donation for free while social distancing. Thank you so much to the McMillens and other donors for supporting us!