My mind goes back to a Saturday many years ago when we were new to the ministry of meeting the transportation needs of missionaries.  In the beginning, although we cared for those we were serving, our thoughts were not so much about providing care for missionaries as being able provide the best vehicle possible for them. That particular Saturday our hearts were stirred as we met with three different missionary families–one family driving off in a Righteous Rides vehicle for the first time and two families returning the vehicle they had been using.  The scenario of meeting missionaries with vehicle releases and returns has happened a hundred times over, but it’s always exciting!  It’s exciting to hear their stories, to pray with them and connect for an oh-so-brief part of their furlough.

Thursday, May 3 this year was no different.  Once again we met a missionary family, but this time with a renewed focus of not only providing a car but also providing care for them.  This was the second van release, hopefully of many more, out of our New Orleans hub.  This missionary family is on a year-long furlough after serving the deaf in a faraway country for the past 7 1/2 years!  There were tears of thankfulness as they received their goodie bags–bags made especially for each member of the family. We heard their story; they heard ours. We prayed with them that their year-long furlough would be fruitful, restful, encouraging and that they would have safe travels.  It was exciting to meet them…it’s always exciting!

New Orleans Hub Van Release - Always ExcitingNew Orleans Hub Van Release - Always Exciting

New Orleans Hub Van Release – Always Exciting