Come serve the Lord with Righteous Rides, and use your gifts in our internship program! Interns learn valuable career skills through Biblical mentorship and on-the-job training, while also giving back to missionary families. Interns love Righteous Rides because of our hands-on learning style, relaxed work environment, and passionate staff. Submit your internship application below!


We are now accepting applications for summer of 2023!

Previous Interns




Bob Peterson. Summer 2021. Business Management major at LeTourneau University.

“Righteous Rides was an amazing experience that helped me grow as a Christian and a businessman.”




Caleb “Bonjor” Bradford. Summer 2021. Mechanical Engineering major at LeTourneau University.

“Righteous Rides was a great way to expand my technical skills while serving missionaries and learning about God.”




Anais King. Summer 2021. Business Management major at LeTourneau University.

Working for Righteous Rides was a blessing; it was a home away from home that taught me many skills, not just mechanically, but also life ones that I apply daily to grow as a person and in my relationship with God.”




Landon “Goose” Gregory. Summer 2021. Biomedical Engineering major at LeTourneau University.

I loved working for Righteous Rides, it taught me a lot and I grew as a Christian even more!!!”



Wil Manchester. Summer 2020 and 2021. Mechanical Engineering major at LeTourneau University.

I have met life-long friends at Righteous Rides! These people will welcome you like family. If you come, you won’t want to leave.”

Dan G


Daniel Guilzon. Summer 2020. Mechanical Engineering Technology major at LeTourneau University.

“This internship taught me alot about how I could use my gifts and talents to serve God and serve others.”



Noah Armistead. Summer 2019 AND 2020. Engineering major at Messiah College.

“It has been a joy to use my talents to serve the lord at Righteous Rides. Praying with missionaries has been a big highlight for me.”

Hudson Dillard

Hudson Dillard. Summer 2019. Engineering major at Letourneau University. 

“Righteous Rides is full of people who are intentional about their work, their coworkers, and the missionaries they serve. And it is a pleasure to serve with them.”

Jordan Stafford.


Jordan Stafford. Summer 2019 AND 2020. Writing major at Maryville College.

“I loved this internship. I learned so much, and I couldn’t be more thankful for all the sweet people at Righteous Rides.”


Jonathan Vecseri. Summer 2019. Engineering major at LeTourneau University.

“It’s been a blessing to hear all the stories of missionaries being touched by our ministry.”


Matthias. Summer 2018. Automotive Engineering Technology major at Indiana State University.

My summer internship at Righteous Rides was the best summer I’ve ever had. It was a great way to receive hands-on experience.”


Daniel R. Summer 2018. Automotive Technology major at the University of Central Missouri at Warrensburg.

“Being an intern at Righteous Rides this past summer was a great experience. The volunteers made me feel welcomed and appreciated.”

Internship Happenings

Caleb helping Fred

Bonjor helping Fred swap an engine

Anais working on brake lights

Anais working on brake lights

Bob making coffee

Bob making coffee at our new cafe

Goose checking tire pressure

Goose checking tire pressure

2021 Bucking bales

2021 interns bucking bales for a friend of the ministry

2020 Shop Interns

2020 shop interns taking a test drive with Keith in our 1969 Suburban

This vehicle was fixed up to raise money for more missionary vans!


Jordan, our first writing intern, working hard in the office

2019 Break Time

2019 shop interns enjoying break time with our seasoned volunteers and missionaries

Daniel and Matthias

Matthias and Daniel with one of our righteous fleet vans

Internship Job Descriptions

Christian Ministries / Missions Intern

Over the summer, interns will be exposed to nearly 100 different missionaries serving in different ministries around the world.  The interns will learn about working in and operating a Christian support ministry and will be given a variety of tasks, which could include: meeting and assisting missionaries as they transition in and out of their vans, praying with missionaries, preparing vans for departure, creating gift bags for the missionaries, creating and conducting podcast interviews with missionaries, working in the coffee shop, and assisting with our clothing boutique.  Missions majors who expect to go to the field in the future can also be provided with some training in automotive maintenance and repair.

[Majors that match: Missions, Christian Ministries, Bible]

Information Technology / Web Development Intern

Roll out software updates to Righteous Rides hardware, and research and install products to improve the company. Troubleshoot technological problems, code for the website, introduce new products and train employees on how to use them, and instruct employees in good technological practices.  In 2022, we are hoping to develop a custom application to assist in our fleet management and scheduling.  This project will allow an intern to help create a software package from design through deployment.

[Majors that match: Computer Science, Information Technology, Web Development, Computer Network Management]

Automotive Maintenance / Trainee Mechanic Intern

Work in the shop with our Chief Mechanic learning basic automotive maintenance skills like how to change oil, rotate tires, install brake pads, etc.  Over the summer intern period, most interns in this area will advance to more challenging mechanic jobs such changing and engine or transmission.  There will also be opportunities to learn about car detailing which includes vacuuming, glass cleaning, touching up seats and appliances, and taking care of headlights, taillights, and exterior trim, as well as washing and drying the exterior. Shop interns may be asked to help with cleaning the garage, organizing items, and recording information about maintenance on the fleet. We ask for enthusiasm, a willingness to learn, and a servant mindset.

[Majors that match: Automotive, Mechanical, or Electrical Engineering, Materials Science, Collision Repair Tech]

Executive Assistant Intern

Assist the Executive Director of Righteous Rides. Help oversee general business administration, perform select financial functions, perform select secretarial functions, act as a liaison with donors and partners, and coordinate with employees and volunteers to maintain daily operations. Aid the Executive Director with any ongoing projects or needs.

[Majors that match: Business, Office Administration, Business Management, HR Management]


Internship FAQ

What is room and board like? Our interns reside in a volunteer lodge at Child Evangelism Fellowship (CEF) 1.7 miles from Righteous Rides. Most meals will be provided by CEF.

Will I be paid? Yes! Interns will be paid $12 per hour, 40 hours a week

What are the internship dates? The internship will begin in late may and end in early August. The dates are flexible.

What are the working conditions? You will either be working in the office (in a cubicle) or in the automotive shop on your feet. Both positions work 8:00am-4:00pm, and optionally on the weekend.

Office: Work spaces are clean and bright and you will be provided with a desk and a computer if you should need one. There are other volunteers and employees around to answer any of your questions.

Shop: Work in a state of the art auto garage with full time and volunteer mechanics.

Will I have coworkers? Yes. There will be staff, missionary staff, volunteers, and potentially other interns.

What is the dress code? The dress code is described in the document linked below

Dress Code Policy

Is the area safe? Truesdale is a bedroom community of St. Louis with a low crime rate.

Will I be required to travel? Most likely you will not be required to travel.


Internship application form

(Please email a copy of your resume to before or after completing this application.)