Current availability

Our first availability is October 2020.

If you are interested in using a van, please fill out a Vehicle Request Form (bottom of this page) and we will let you know what we have to offer you.

Missionary Vehicles

Every day, there are thousands of missionaries traveling across our country’s highways on furlough. One of the biggest challenges they face during this time is finding a reliable and affordable vehicle to drive. Righteous Rides is working to help meet this need for missionary vehicles. If you’re a missionary planning a home assignment and want to find out if we have something available for you, read the info below and click the Vehicle Request Form button at the bottom.

Hub Locations

When submitting your request, choosing St. Louis OR New Orleans as ONE of your choice locations for the release/return of a vehicle will increase your opportunity to reserve a vehicle for the dates you request.

Other locations include: Albuquerque, Atlanta, Dallas, Knoxville, Los Angeles, Tampa/Orlando, Philadelphia, and Seattle.


We are now back after our year of home assignment. Our year was made so much more enjoyable due to the fine efforts of Righteous Rides in providing such a terrific vehicle and wonderful support throughout the year. Thank you for providing this service to missionaries. May God bless you as you continue this partnership with missions.

Tom, Maddy & Family

“It was such a blessing again to have the use of these well maintained vehicles managed by people who love the Lord and serve the missionaries with love and competency! So appreciate all RR is and does for the Kingdom! “

Richard & Jennifer

“We are grateful for the great blessing the car is while visiting various churches, annual regional conventions, and conferences etc…. It is a great blessing to be able to rely on the reliable RR transportation daily. Personally we are grateful that the vehicle allows us to travel together as a family as much as possible.”

Pieter & Nora

Upcoming Rate and Policy Changes

Note:  Righteous Rides is moving away from providing insurance using a commercial fleet policy.  We will be converting to a model where missionaries using our vans will be required to have a personal auto policy in their name prior to picking up the vehicle.  The rates will be reduced to $9.00 per day for a pre-2103 van and to $12.50 for a 2013 or newer van.  The missionaries will be responsible for the cost of the personal auto policy, and deductible amounts will depend on the policy acquired.  We will work with you during the reservation process to help you obtain the policy that best fits your circumstances as quickly and easily as possible.

Vehicle Options

For usage terms of 3-12 months:

Pre-2013 Chrysler Minivan, reserved out of the St. Louis hub only. Cost $11 per day + mileage fee (as noted below) if mileage allotment is exceeded.
2013 or newer Chrysler minivan, available out of any hub. Cost $14.50 per day + mileage fee (as noted below) if mileage allotment is exceeded.

For usage terms less than 90 days:

Short term usages are available at a rate of $20 per day + mileage fee (as noted below) if mileage allotment is exceeded.

Other fees

CLEANING FEE: $100, this fee is only charged to you if your van is returned without having been (1) washed, (2) thoroughly vacuumed, (3) wiped down on the interior, and (4) found free of significant spills and carpet stains. 

DAMAGE DEDUCTIBLE FEE: Users are also subject to a deductible of up to $1,000 for physical damage to the vehicle that occurs during the time they are using a van.  This includes any damage during the time of use that results in actual costs to RR.

PET FEE: Users who chose to carry a pet in the van will be charged a $250 cleaning fee to cover the additional cost of ensuring that the vehicle is safe for others who may have pet hair allergies.  This policy and fee does not apply to required service animals.

Important Information

  • Mileage fee: USERS are allotted 66 miles per day (per day is defined as actual vehicle usage days). Therefore, if the vehicle is returned for any reason on dates other than the committed return date, mileage for unused days will be forfeited.  Any mileage in excess of 66 miles a day will incur a $0.15 per mile charge and is due in full upon return of the vehicle. EXAMPLE: 180 day usage, the limit is 11,880 miles (180 X 66). If a total of 13,000 miles were driven, the additional fee would be $168 ((13,000 – 11,880) X 0.15). This should have no impact on the average user as 66 miles a day has been the average for our fleet over nearly 20 million miles.
  • Maintenance and insurance is included at no additional cost.
  • DVD player and GPS is included at no additional cost.
  • Minimum driving age is 25.
  • Maximum number of persons per vehicle is 7.
  • All drivers must be a U.S. citizen and have a current U.S. driver’s license.  We DO NOT accept International Driver’s license due to insurability.
  • Users are subject to a $1,000 deductible for physical damage to the vehicle that occurs during the time they are using a van.
  • All fees are to be paid by credit card. All fees are subject to change.
  • Our ministry is to missionaries currently serving overseas and coming back to the U.S. for 3 months to 1 year for furlough/home assignment. At this time we are UNABLE to provide transportation to stateside missionaries on deputation not yet serving overseas.
  • The vehicle must be returned to the location from which it was released.