Getting Involved at Righteous Rides

One of the best ways to get involved at Righteous Rides is by being a regular volunteer.  Regular volunteers are the key to allowing Righteous Rides to provide affordable and reliable transportation to so many missionaries.  And, there are volunteer jobs that can fit virtually anyone’s skills.

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Job Volunteer

Job volunteers are the heart of Righteous Rides.  These dedicated servants commit to giving time on a regular basis for specific operational tasks.  This can be a few hours a week or month of office administrative tasks, working a shift periodically in the coffee shop, driving to pick up a van or donated care when needed, regularly coming in to help detail or maintain the fleet, or many other specific jobs that are critical to the ministry.

Project Volunteer

Project Volunteers give their time to complete a one time project.  An example might be a church group that comes out on a Saturday to help with a facility clean-up or restoration project.  Maybe your family would like to come be involved in preparing a van for an incoming missionary family.  There are always projects that need to be done, and it is a way to go on a “mission trip” right near your home.

Missionary Care

Maybe you can’t come to our facility or hub location to spend time. There are still things that you can do to get involved.  We need people to help make or source items for our Goody Bag ministry and for the Blessings Boutique in St Louis.  This is a great way for the ministry to show the missionaries that they are loved and appreciated (especially the kids!).

Our Mission

Providing Care and Cars to missionaries on furlough… in a manner worthy of God.


Our Vision

Every evangelical international missionary has access to affordable and stress-free stateside transportation.

Our Story

One of the biggest problems that missionaries face when they come back to the US to visit family and supporters is finding a car that they can afford to use for the time they are here.  15 years ago, a couple of friends bought a van to loan to a missionary family.  Now Righteous Rides has over 150 vans on the road serving hundreds of missionary families from 11 different locations around the country.  Volunteers are a critical part to operating all of these 11 locations.

Volunteer Jobs

There are many jobs that need to be filled by volunteers at Righteous Rides.  There is something here you can do and find purpose in helping international missionaries share the Gospel of Jesus Christ around the world.  And it is a great time of fellowship, serving the Lord with other dedicated Christ followers!

Automotive Detailing

We want missionaries to have a van that is clean and feels new (“in a manner worthy of God”).  A key to that is making sure our vans are spotless.  Detailing our vans is a critical job to help the missionaries feel blessed.  This is one of our most important jobs and volunteers are needed at every hub to keep the fleet looking like new.

Goodie Bag Preparation

We love to show love to the missionary families through our “Goodie Bag” ministry.  Every hub at Righteous Rides needs people supporting this vital ministry!

Office Administration

There is a lot of administration work in supporting hundreds of vans and missionary families driving 3 million miles every year.  While our main offices are in St Louis, many of our administrative duties can be done over the internet from anywhere in the country.  There are a variety of tasks that can be tailored to fit the volunteer’s availability.

Automotive Repair & Maintenance

There is always a lot of automotive repair work.  In St. Louis, we have a shop where tasks requiring a wide variety of skills are performed,  At the other hubs, minor repairs and routine maintenance items are done by volunteers or coordinated by volunteers at local repair shops.

Missionary Hospitality

Every hub has a team of volunteers that assists in showing hospitality to the missionary families when they pick up and drop off their vans.  You can be a part of that team to ensure that the van release and return experiences are encouraging for the missionaries.

Event Support

There are frequent events around Righteous Rides.  Help is always needed from people with the gift of hospitality who are willing to help make the events memorable and God honoring.

World Brew Coffee Shop

In 2022 we are opening a Coffee Shop at our headquarters outside of St Louis.  The coffee shop will help us raise awareness of the ministry in our community and make the facility more inviting to the missionary families coming through.  We need people who would like to learn how to be a barista and willing to be a light to the people of the community that visit.

Facility Maintenance

It take a team of people to maintain our headquarters and shop facilities in St Louis.  We are always in need of that are handy in this area to keep things in the building running smoothly.

Vehicle Pick Up and Delivery

There is frequently a need to move vehicles around the country.  This may be swapping our a broken or wrecked van, or collecting a donated car from the donor.  We need people that are good drivers and familiar with using a trailer.  These trips can be local, or across the country.

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