Cheap Used Cars

Righteous Rides has operated a fleet of minivans for almost 10 years now.  Missionaries that serve overseas come home every few years to visit family and reconnect with their supporters.  Getting a reliable car to drive for the months they are home has always been a huge hassle…until Righteous Rides.  We have 100 minivans in the fleet and the missionaries that use them are so excited with how great the cars are and how hassle free it is…. but we still get requests every day that we have to turn down because 100 isn’t enough.  So our goal is to find a way so any missionary that needs a car can have one.  In order to do that, we needed to copy the big guys.  So just consider us a small non-profit Avis. We are buying new vans, driving them a couple years and then selling them…just like Enterprise, Hertz, and all the other big rental companies.  Turns out, that this is a win for everyone!  The missionaries get nice cars to drive while they are home and people that want to buy a clean used car and support world missions at the same time can do it.  You could buy a similar used car from a dealer or one of the big rental companies like Hertz, the difference with us is ours are cheaper, we can tell you everything about where the car has been since the day it was new, and you are helping to spread the gospel message of Jesus Christ throughout the world.  How cool is that ?!  We also sell clean affordable used cars that are donated, then repaired, cleaned and offered at very low prices. So, if you are looking for cheap used cars, please look here.

Pick out your van from the Car Donations and Sales page, or call us to find out what may be coming out of the fleet soon.