For everyone who has been born of God overcomes the world. And this is the victory that has overcome the world—our faith. 1 John 5:4 ESV

Missionary furloughs are not vacations where missionaries leave their jobs and travel to another country for an extended road trip to see exotic locations with their families. Yes, they do get to visit friends and loved ones, often unseen for years; but more often than not, furloughs can be overwhelming from the planning stage through completion, especially when there are small children in tow.

During furloughs, missionaries are excited to visit most, if not all, of the churches supporting them financially. As they often share the same information and are asked the same questions over and over again, this can be very exhausting. Yet, it is part of their responsibility and even more so, they consider it a privilege to be able to share what God is doing in faraway lands! Still, it’s not always easy.

What an honor it is for Righteous Rides to come alongside missionary families and make furloughs just a little less stressful and even help fill missionary “tanks” to overflowing, trusting God with the fruit. That happened one summer for one of our missionary families. After months on the road, they included several stops to do what they do best – missionary service through the power of the Holy Spirit.

Notes from Logbook – Summer 2016
1) Left “for NY from IN for organizational missions summit,” 2) attended “meeting for short-term missions trip to Central Asia,” and then 3) came “alongside retreat and renewal for M’s in MI.” All for the glory of God!

PRAYER: Sovereign God, we praise you for the work of the Holy Spirit when He supernaturally fills missionary families with the energy and love to serve us here in the States. May those who meet them respond by supporting, loving on, and building up our international missionaries.