It’s mid-summer and mechanic Tim Crowe is evaluating the underbelly of a 1969 Suburban in the Righteous Rides Gospel Gearhead Garage. He secures the front bumper with his grease-lined hands, adjusts his gray ball-cap, and then double checks his progress, Tim hopes that once the Suburban is repaired it can be driven to car shows and engage automotive enthusiasts. His mission is to take the gospel to the hot-rod and off-road communities, to individuals who may not be reached by the church. Righteous Rides is excited to welcome Tim to our ministry staff and have his help in the repair and maintenance of our fleet vehicles. Keep him in your prayers as he raises support to work as a full-time missionary with us.

To read more about the Gospel Gearhead Garage crew, or to support Tim Crowe, visit the “Our Story” page on our website.


Jordan Stafford is a writing intern at Righteous Rides. In the past she has written for World Magazine, News Bling, and The Highland Echo Newspaper. She loves sharing missionary stories, seeing hearts touched by the gospel, and serving the Lord alongside her fellow interns.