What does margin mean? And how can it be referred to as right or wrong?

We’ve heard the border or empty space around print on a page called a “margin.” We have heard of teams winning a game by a convincing “margin.” Sometimes we use the term “margin” to refer to the amount of funds deposited with a broker to cover the financial risk of loss on a transaction. And, most of us have heard it said there is “no margin for error” when talking about a small amount allowed for in case of a miscalculation.

Rarely, however, do we think of “margin” as it applies to managing time. Everyone spends time addressing relational, physical, mental, emotional, financial, and spiritual needs. Because we all have the same 24-hours in a day, it takes prayerful planning to develop the best schedule to manage each need so that we don’t overdo any one over the other. The space we leave between how much of each need we have and how much we use is called “margin.” Ideally, we will manage our days so that we end up living well-balanced lives.

Notes from Logbook – June 2015
“We did not schedule ourselves as aggressively as last Fall. We had the right amount of margin and quality time with those we saw; and said proper, ‘See ya laters’ to family.”

PRAYER: Lord, even before our missionaries pack their bags for furlough time, we ask you to go before them and help them strike a healthy balance in their travel plans. We know how important it is to make good use of their time in the US, because they can never get that time back – it is lost because of overscheduling or inadequate scheduling. We thank you for helping missionaries set their priorities for spending relational, physical, mental, emotional, financial, and spiritual capital.