In the 8.7 million miles that missionaries have driven our vans, we have had very few major breakdowns.  Last month, for only the second time in our 9 year history, we had to go rescue a missionary family who had a major mechanical failure.  When this happens, our goal is to get them back on the road with as little hassle as possible and without missing any of their scheduled meetings.  We know how hard they work to get opportunities to share their ministry and we don’t want them to miss any of their engagements.  Below is a note from the Lea family immediately following their “rescue”.

Thank you for your prayers concerning our car trouble earlier this week. We made it safely home last night around 11:00 pm.  On Monday afternoon we received word that the van had significant damage to the engine and was not roadworthy. Oil was leaking from the oil filter. Righteous Rides, the company we are leasing the van from, made the decision to give us a different van to drive for the remaining 4 months of our lease. So we rented a car in Grand Forks, ND and drove south to Waterloo, IA where we met up with Fred Tuggy, a member of Righteous Rides, to get our ‘new’ van.

We are very thankful for Righteous Rides and all the staff including Bret Byus, Fred Tuggy and our former Brazil colleague, Paul Kimball, for taking care of us and getting us back on the road as soon as possible. Righteous Rides also paid all of the extra expenses incurred with the vehicle tow, hotel and the rental car. Praise the Lord it worked out for us to get our last scheduled visit in, for that trip, with friends in Farmington, MN.  We also squeezed in an unplanned visit with friends in Waterloo, IA. Thank you for your prayers. God answered them!


Jim & Amy Lea

They got their replacement van, made their meeting, and still had time to build a snowman in the process!