In August Chuck Hlavaty and Paul were able to take the three car hauler up to Rockton, IL to pick up 4 donated vans.

The dad and mom of a missionary family had been here at the shop to pick up their kids van for furlough.  They were greatly impressed with our care and love for their kids.  During the furlough, the dad was purchasing a tree trimming bucket truck from All Trucks USA and noticed several Dodge Caravans sitting in the weeds in his storage lot.  As he shared with the owner of the company about Righteous Rides and meeting missionaries’ furlough transportation need, the owner got excited about what we do and was eager to help.  None of the four vans were in running condition, but he immediately offered all four of them to Righteous Rides as parts vans to help keep our other 100 vans on the road more affordably!  All we had to do is pick them up!

Chuck and Paul made the trip in two days.  We were able to get one of the four vans running well enough to make the return trip (using parts from a second van and 20 gallons of gas out of a third van).

Praise the Lord for this wonderful, creative gift that came with the added bonus of giving Paul and Chuck a fun two-day adventure!