I ran across this funny old photo today, the product of some visionary who dreamed of the RV industry long before it’s time.  But it made me think about a recurring story I hear at Righteous Rides.  In fact I just heard it again last week when I was at the shop.  Missionaries come home on “furlough” and spend most of their time in “The States” on the road.  They go from state to state, church to church, house to house, but they are never “home” during furlough.  And, they have to be “on” the whole time.  The kids need to be on their best behavior and the entire family is tasked with making a good impression on those they are visiting.  After all, missionaries have to be perfect… am I right?     They tell us all the time that the Righteous Rides van is the only place where they can relax and just be a family.  It is “their home” during furlough.  We are so glad that we can help provide them with a comfortable place to hang out and relax as a family… a place where they don’t have to be perfect… a place that is just a tiny bit like home.