Imagine that your family is taking a trip and you need to pack.  You’ll be flying on a plane for many hours and then renting a car to travel around the United States.  You’ll be on the road for 8 long months visiting people, telling them about your life’s work.  You need all your presentation material.  The kids will need to keep up with school, so you’ll need to bring their books.  Of course you can’t wear the same clothes every day… so you’ll need a fairly good sized collection of those.  You’ll be staying in lots of different homes and basically living out of your bags.  Personally, it is hard for me to imagine.  But that is what overseas missionaries have to do every few years when they come home on furlough.  Hopefully, Righteous Rides is making their trip just a little easier.  

I thought you might enjoy this picture of a family that recently finished up a furlough and were unloading their bags at the airport to return the van to folks from our Atlanta hub.  And yes, that beautiful family and all of those bags did just actually come out of that Righteous Rides van.