There is a television show on the local station in St Louis called The.Thread.  This show is not just entertainment… it has a mission and a purpose.

‘The Thread is a ministry dedicated to SHINING A BRIGHT LIGHT ON THE BRIGHT LIGHTS OF ST LOUIS … beginning with the people and creating and/or mobilizing them to engage in service, revitalization and charitable organizations.

We desire for people to know that God has called them to a particular plan, to fit a particular role, and be a particular voice in the city of St. Louis

. . . and BEYOND!’

Righteous Rides was honored to be on an episodes of this great program this weekend.  The program was on Fox 2 in St Louis.  You can see it at Channel 2’s web site, or you can catch it on YouTube at the following link:

The Thread – Calling All Men

Watch the whole video.  You’ll enjoy the great message to men from Tim Ezell and Pastor Ron Young.